Droking LTC187 DC Boost Converter 3.5-30V 100W Power Source Voltage Regulator 5V


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Droking LTC187 DC Boost Converter 3.5-30V 100W Power Source Voltage Regulator 5V/12V Step Up Volt Module with Voltmeter Input/Output Alternate LED Display for Car Auto Motor Motorcycle

Product Features

  • It is a DC boost converter with voltmeter; display input and output voltage alternately.
  • With MOS tube for reverse connection circuit protection and will NOT burn when being connected reversedly.
  • Has a red LED indicator; freely definable power-on statue; Press the button behind voltmeter to open or close the item.
  • Simple wiring connection: IN+: Positive input/IN-: Negative input/OUT+: Positive output/OUT-: Negative output.
  • With good mounting holes and double terminals, voltage can be adjusted by turning the small screw on the potentiometer.

Product Description

Input voltage: DC 3.5V-30V (please leave margin in usage, or meter will burn)
Output voltage: DC 3.5V-30V (boost, input voltage < or = output voltage)
Continuous current: 6A (long-term work)
Maximum input current: 10A (peak)
Output power: Max 100W (U-in * I-in * Efficiency = U-out * I-out)
Voltmeter accuracy: ± (0.5% +1 digit)
Dimensions: 67x42x18 mm (L*W*H)
Static power consumption: typically around 15ma
LED indicator: Have
Anti-reverse protection: Have

Working modes:
Output volt mode: LED indicator lights off when in output volt mode (default).
Input volt mode: Press button to change to input volt mode and LED indicator lights on.
Alternative mode: Press button again and input/output display in turn, each turn lasts for 3 seconds.(press one more time and return to output volt display mode)

Stop Working Mode:
Press the button up to 4 seconds until the LED display off. release the switch, the LED indicator lighting, and the module do not have memory function,
Press the switch again, the module will work normally.

Module will automatically memory current working status as boot status, please check below memory mode:
[0] Default Boot displays output voltage
[1] Default Boot displays input voltage
[2] Default Boot displays input and output voltage alternately

Package included:
1x LTC1871 Boost Power Converter with Voltmeter Display

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