Freenove RFID Starter Kit V2.0 for Arduino | Beginner Learning | UNO R3 MEGA NA.


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Freenove RFID Starter Kit V2.0 for Arduino | Beginner Learning | UNO R3 MEGA NANO MICRO | Processing Oscilloscope Voltmeter | 49 Projects, 251 Pages Detailed Tutorials, 190+ Components

Product Features

  • Processing projects — Make Arduino into virtual instruments(oscilloscope, voltmeter) and game players(pong, snake).

  • Best tutorials — 251 pages detailed tutorials(PDF), start from the most basic electronic and programming knowledge.

  • Rich projects — 49 projects, each project has detailed circuit connection diagram and code interpretation.

  • Most components — 56 kinds and 190+ commonly used components and modules, including UNO board.

  • Technical support — We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Product Description

Tutorials and codes:
This kit contains 2 detailed tutorials(PDF), one() for learning Arduino, another() for Interacting with Processing.
You can view or download the tutorials and codes before purchasing:

View online:


Contents of :
Arduino Board
Arduino Software
First Use
Chapter 1 LED Blink
Project 1.1 Control LED by Manual Button
Project 1.2 Control LED by Arduino
Chapter 2 Two LEDs Blink
Project 2.1 Two LEDs Blink

(Download tutorial for details)

Chapter 22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Project 22.1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Chapter 23 RFID
Project 23.1 Read UID
Project 23.2 Read and Write
Other Components
What’s next?
ASCII table
Resistor color code

Contents of :
Processing Software
First Use
Chapter 1 Voltmeter
Project 1.1 Voltmeter
Project 1.2 Voltmeter Dual Channel
Chapter 2 Oscilloscope
Project 2.1 Oscilloscope
Chapter 3 Control 2D and 3D Figures
Project 3.1 Ellipse
Project 3.2 Box 3D
Chapter 4 Snake Game
Project 4.1 Snake Game
Project 4.2 Snake Game 3D
Chapter 5 Pong Game
Project 5.1 Pong Game
Project 5.2 Pong Game 3D
What’s next?

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