Hama 120 CD/DVD File – Transparent/Graphite


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Hama 120 CD/DVD File – Transparent/Graphite

Product Features

  • Portable plastic file organiser holding up to 120 discs
  • Contains 20 A4 sleeves for 6 discs each
  • High-quality, anti-static sleeveswhich can be easily sorted and removed from the ring binder mechanism
  • Index can be labelled, allowing for organised archiving
  • Replacement and extension sleeves available under Hama item no. 00049835

Product Description

Kunststoffordner mit A4-Hüllen für jeweils 6 CDs/DVDs und farbig sortierten Indexkarten. Beschriftungsfeld auf dem Rücken. Ergänzung durch weitere Hüllen möglich. Farbe: transparent/graphit. Zubehör: CD-Rom Index Hüllen Herst.-Nr. 49835 (Seite 128)., Hersteller: Hama GmbH & Co, Marke: hama, Ausführung: für 120 CDs/DVDs

Manufacturer’s Description

Tame your Towers

For music and movie lovers, over time it is easy to amass a growing selection of CDs and DVDs which can accumulate into towering, unsightly stacks left in various rooms of the house, and can leave your precious music/movie collection exposed to the elements and to potential damage, especially if cases are lost or broken.

Save Space and Time with Hama

This carefully designed, attractive transparent/graphite file with anti-static sleeves from Hama allows you to organise and store your CD/DVD collection with a highly space saving design that, at the size of a small A4 book, can quickly and easily be slotted into any cabinet or bookshelf.

Perfect Practicality

Designed from high-quality plastic material, the internal antistatic sleeves will prevent scratching, and marking of the discs by grime, fingerprints and dust that may otherwise cause irreversible damage. The file index can be labelled and the 120 assorted coloured index car, allowing for organised archiving of your CDs/DVDs so you can find the CDs/DVDs quickly and easily. Furthermore, the sleeves come with multiple punched holes for filing in all common binders and should you run out, replacement sleeves can be purchased.

Holding up to 120 CDs/DVDs, 6 CD-ROMS per sleeve (quantity of 20), its practical shape means that it can also easily be transported around so you can enjoy your music and movies anywhere you go and you are not left searching through piles and piles of jumbled CDs/DVDs.

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