TAMUME Stovetop Cast Alluminium Waffle Iron Belgian Heart Waffle Maker Ideal for


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TAMUME Stovetop Cast Alluminium Waffle Iron Belgian Heart Waffle Maker Ideal for Valentine’s Day Gift Kitchen Tool (Heart-shape Waffle)

Product Features

  • Simplicity and Perfect Crispy. Unlike electric ones, our “old-school” waffle iron heats fast so it helps to get that PERFECT CRISPY waffles. A minor investment but a reliable choice that can last for years.
  • Non-stick Surface. This waffle maker has a non-stick, easy release coating and even-heating surface – No Mess! No Waste!
  • Stay-Cool Handle for Stovetop or Campfire. Suitable for use with all stove tops (excluding induction hobs).
  • Interesting Heart Shape Waffles – Heart-shape waffle is interesting and stylish-looking. Kids will love the heart waffles!
  • Plate Dimensions: 13.5cm *13.5cm * 2.8cm (5.3″ *5.3″ *1.1″); Handle Length: 17cm (6.7″); Weight: 450g (1lb); Makes Four 5cm*5cm*2.8cm waffles per time. 25ml batter for each batch.

Product Description

This old-fashioned Belgian waffle maker by TAMUME will fill your room with the aroma of crispy browned waffles, and get your family members out of bed on a Saturday morning! Product Specifications: 4-slice heart-shaped within 5 minutes: Makes four 2″” x 2″” x 1″”-thick well-browned, crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside, Belgian-style waffles. Dimensions: The waffle maker grid surface 5.3″” *5.3″”; The handle is 6.7″”. Material: The waffle maker is made of food-grade die-cast aluminum. The handle is made of stay-cool plastic. And nonstick grids make it easy to remove freshly cooked waffles. Notes: Please use soft cloth instead of sharp/metal tools to clean the grid. Instructions: STEP 1: Wipe away crumbs and soak up excess oil drips on the grid plates. Make sure your waffle maker is completely dry. STEP 2: Season the griddle with a light coating of butter or oil spray. Attention: You only need the oil for the first time in every morning, don’t oil it for the next batch! STEP 3: Pour in your batter, lock down the waffle maker, and bake in low heat. In 60 seconds, you shall hear the steam sound. STEP 4: Wait for the steam completely comes out, then flip the waffle maker over and cook two to three minutes more. Halfway through baking you have to flip your waffle over. To help you get a closer look on our waffle maker, we test it in some major aspects. We tested for cleaning convenience. A covered hinge and batter channel help prevent messy spills, and the nonstick surfaces are easy to clean with a damp cloth. We tested for speed. By following the instruction above, you can bake fluffy, restaurant-style waffles in 5 minutes.


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